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Mission Statement

We exist to inspire, guide and empower emerging blockchain businesses
A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
by Michael LeBoeuf

The ico advisors was created to provide high quality services to emerging blokchain businesses. The core values of our business are trust, quality, integrity, commitment and excellence. We strive to provide creative, efficient and elegant solutions for all customer’s needs. There is not greater gratification than to see our customers thrive.

1920 Hours spent on analysis
195 ICOs reviewed
21 ICOs invested in
11x Average return

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We compete on value, not on price.

ICO advisory

Includes full on-board long term advisory with the focus on business and technical aspects. We will assist with overall ICO structure enhancement, white paper review and refinement, token sale model optimization, token economics strengthening, token utility definition, token uses cases solidification, security best practices, project management recommendations (including roadmap adjustment), website content assessment and suggestions, marketing/consumer psychology.

0.5 % of Hard Cap

Pre-launch deep dive

The goal of this package is to provide detailed ICO analysis in order to make your ICO launch ready and appealing for investors. We will assess every aspect of ICO such as website content, white paper, token economics, token sale model, token use cases. Close attention will be paid to bounty program and marketing strategies. Upon completion of assessment written report will be provided. Standard in depth assessment provisioned within 7 days (can be expedited upon agreement).

7000 Euro

Hourly consulting

This service is suitable for businesses that are not in need of a full on-board advisory. The scope of consultation is tailored made and is fully dependent on your needs, requirements and expectations. Consultation may include any of the aforementioned ICO related topics, blockchain or cryptocurrency question. Minimum order of 4 hours is required.

350 Euro/Hour

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ICO Advisors and their profiles

Cryptocurrency and ICO investor, Certified IT Network Expert developing bleeding edge solutions for international businesses on a global scale

MiroslavPrincipal Architect

Cryptocurrency and ICO investor, PhD in Psychology, Business manager in an international corporation

LuciaBusiness Manager